Say Hello To My Little Friend!

March 11, 2022

EmberSmith Creative is once again bringing you an exclusive model to collect. Available only with EmberSmith Creatives campaign purchases, meet the dynamic duo Tick and Boom!

Ogre and Goblin cannon crew
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A rag tag team who bonded together over their mutual love for explosions and gold, this pair combine ruthless goblin cunning with raw firepower. Tick brings the brains, boom brings the... well, boom. This 3D printable weapon crew will find a suitable home on any tabletop battle field, whether serving as a encounter for your DND campaigns, or as a proxy in alternative ogre / goblin army lists.

An 3d printable ogre with goblin on it's shoulder.

You can print Tick and Boom as either a combined miniature, or just Boom as a stand alone Ogre heavy weapons unit. So if your armies are lacking firepower then you better hire up Tick and Boom to blast the chaffe out of your opponents front line.

3D printed ogre and goblin.
Tick and Boom - Printed by Mad Max Miniatures

Tick and Boom are crowdfunding exclusive models so be sure to back the campaign lest you miss out! Get notified here.

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